Think of this as a fairy tale that actually happened.

 DOLFIE is a love story, an encounter of lovers who shared the same passion and madness for life and beauty.

 Founded in BARCELONA in 2007 by Barbara De Assis and Adolfo Lendoyro, two young designers who fell in love when they met at fashion University.

 Barbara graduated with Honors and won the Extraordinary “first in Class” Prize of Bachelor’s Degree at the IADE fashion University. In 2010 they moved to London to study at the prestigious Central Saint Martins university of the Arts, after having been granted a scholarship awarded at the Madrid Fashion Week.

 Since then, they´ve lived in many cities and places. In their attempt to escape the system, unplug from the Matrix and embrace the simple life, they lived in Fuerteventura for several years. Now they live in a remote place by the beach surrounded by dunes with their son and many dogs.

Consumption in our modern world, especially with the rise of fast fashion, is destroying the environment at an immense pace, compromising the health of our planet and killing tons of species. DOLFIE strives to take a step back to produce like in the old golden days. They defend that their only desire is to produce the best clothes and shoes in the world leaving the minimal footprint, always contributing to the protection and preservation of the environment. Dolfie is hand crafted by real artisans in ethical workshops in the glorious Southern Europe only from locally sourced premium Sustainable materials.

 Dreams come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Our dream is to continue finding happiness and passion in what we do and to live simply. We are passionate about our brand and our philosophy is at the heart of everything we do, we strive for peace, love and beauty in the most original way. We hope that as we continue our journey, we can inspire people, encourage them to be kind and compassionate towards all sentient beings, connect with nature, be happy and dare them to live their dreams.

 We are just the same as the others, every day we try to be better humans and feel grateful for what life brings us.

 This is not the typical Big Apple story or the glamourous Parisian flare, this is our attempt at choosing the simple life, choosing our definition of beauty and choosing love. Thank you all for sharing this DREAM with us.

 Peace & Love