Well friends, it's been a good run.
We have decided it is time to leave the show behind.
Maybe we’ll come back some day. Maybe not.
Thanks everyone for the warm support over our 15 years of existence.
It means the world to us.
Take care of yourselves. Take care of others

At Dolfie, we are proud to create shoes that reflect our values and lifestyle philosophy. Our main goal is to inspire and motivate people to live in harmony with one another and with our precious mother nature. There is nothing that can deviate us from our core values and philosophy. 

We have a saying: “GOOD THINGS COME TO GOOD HEARTS” which for us means making the best possible, in the nicest possible way always being respectful to our planet and all living things.

Dolfie products are handmade in Southern Europe in the most sustainable manner possible to reduce, or completely avoid, environmental degradation throughout their life cycle. All our materials are carefully selected and sourced locally from some of the best suppliers in Spain and Italy. 

Our aspiration is to minimize all undesirable environmental effect by making products that have a useful purpose. Sustainable fashion matters more than ever and involves all of us. The choice is ours. We can decide the kind of world we want.


Be the change you want to see in the world.