Dolfie promotes that we are all mortal beigns born equal, innocent and pure of all conceived evils. 


Born special and unique with a great divinity, the ability to create and connect to other lives & nature. 


Believes that we should be united and help to take care of one another. In this world there is room for everyone and the earth is rich enough to provide for everyone.


But we have lost the way. 



If you want to fly, you have to give up the things that weigh you down, empty your mind of all the things you don’t need, specially religion, patriotism, race, wealth and class

They have been conceived as ways to separate us from one another

Avoid the bullshit. Never listen to politics, the government or the hypocrites that rule the world. Only when they´ve fucked up the entire world, killed all living things and polluted the whole planet, only then, they will realize they cannot eat their money

Turn off the TV news, objective information is impossible. Media is manipulated always

Try to work together, rather than fight. Mobilize, organize, and energize other people

Challenge corruption and stay true to your beliefs

You can be a leader. You have the power to change your community, your society, and maybe even the world

Everything is a life lesson.  Everyone you meet, everything you encounter

Always be young and irresponsible, attempt the impossible – you might end up achieving it

Live each day like it could be your last. Drink it in. Be adventurous, be bold, but savor it. It goes fast!

No matter what, follow your heart and LOVE every way, every day

Our country is the world and our religion is to do good 




Greed has poisoned men’s souls and has infected the world with hate. 


We have become slaves of society, the government and a fake monetary system.


We think too much and feel too little.


We the people have the power to make life free and beautiful.


History teaches us that Fighting does NOT solve problems; it only leads to misery and tragedy.