From the moment we are born, we are told what to do, what is good and what is bad, 

and we start being labelled and brain washed without leaving us much choice: you are white, brown, yellow, black…

Society train us so well that we really end up believing all these bullshit labels assigned to everyone of us

But the only truth is that we are all mortal beings, born equal, innocent and pure of all conceived evils. 

Born special and unique with a great divinity, the ability to connect to other lives & nature.

I don´t want to see in what ways you are different from me.

I want to see in what ways you are like me. There is no “other”, we are all the same. There is only one.

We think too much and feel too little. Empty the garbage in your mind

Listen to the true you – the voice you had as a child…when you were innocent…

Always avoid conflict. You were placed on this earth to enjoy & love

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